ezTalks 3.9

Supports online activities, such as meetings, video conferences and webinars

ezTalks is intended to facilitate remote collaborative work. In this regard, the tool supports various kinds of online activities, such as meetings, video conferences and webinars. Likewise, it lets you share not only files but even your desktop with others. Luckily, the number of people who can share the same activity can be up to 10,000.

The application has a modern compact interface. There is a small dashboard window from where you can access the basic operations and it has an important impact on scheduling meetings. Fortunately, the tool has a straightforward workflow. Since the tool is based on services available online, it requires creating a personal account. Then, you can start setting up a conference room and inviting participants.

Fortunately, entering a conference room requires that you provide the corresponding code, which prevents intruders from attending a conference to which they were not invited. If it is you who starts the new conference room, the application automatically generates the code, which you should, in turn, distribute to the expected attendees via email.

Good news is that ezTalks can provide its users with an experience that is as near as possible to the real one. In this respect, it is excellent that it allows streaming video camera signals, sharing your desktop, sending data as well as using a whiteboard.

All in all, ezTalks helps break those limitations imposed by distance and allows working with many other users from wherever you are. Luckily, it works on various platforms and supports a wide array of hardware devices, so technical differences should not be an issue. The application has limitations in terms of allowing you to make direct calls without previously scheduling them, which does not make it less valuable. The application is free and so is the Starter plan. However, should you need more, there are also paid plans, including Standard, Pro and Business.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports activities with a large number of participants
  • Allows various ways to share information
  • Supports multiple types of hardware devices
  • Permits scheduling online activities
  • Protects conferences from intruders


  • Does not support direct calls
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